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What makes Okuhida Yakushi no Yu Honjin so special is... The blessings from the heart of the mountain, and great service. What makes Okuhida Yakushi no Yu Honjin so special is...The blessings from the heart of the mountain, and great service.

Soak in the ceaselessly gushing hot spring water.
Luxuriate in Okuhida's landscapes that change with the seasons and relish the delicious local delicacies.
Spend a relaxing moment in a warm, rustic ambience.

Okuhida Yakushi no Yu Honjin is a hot spring ryokan located in the beautiful mountainscape of the foothills of the Northern Alps,
and has more than 50 years of history. The entrance hall is a relocated old folk house built several hundred years ago,
offering a traditional Japanese atmosphere with a drum which was actually used in traditional Shinto rituals on display.
Okuhida Yakushi no Yu Honjin receives excellent reviews, and is popular among both Japanese and foreign travelers.

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Okuhida Onsen-go in Hida, Takayama is a place where you can see the
traditional landscapes of Japan, experience the changing seasons and culture, and soak in a hot spring.

Yakushi no Yu Honjin is located in Okuhida Onsen-go, a town located deep within the mountains of Hida, Takayama, which is known for its richnature, and where the natural scenery of the good old days still remains.
Delight in the magnificent natural scenery that reveals diverse beauty with each season.
The surrounding mountains change from vivid cherry blossom colors to lush green, and by the time the colorful autumn leaves fall from the trees, the area is covered in a white blanket of snow.
We look forward to serving you with a range of savory natural blessings.

Wide area map Nationwide map
  • Shirakawa-goShirakawa-go
    • Hida Daishonyudo CaveHida Daishonyudo Cave
    • Hirayu Great FallsHirayu Great Falls
  • The old townscape of TakayamaThe old townscape of Takayama
  • Shinhotaka RopewayShinhotaka Ropeway
  • KamikochiKamikochi

Recommended sightseeing spots

There are many sightseeing spots in the area, such as Shirakawa-go where thatched-roof houses over 200 years old remain, the Hida Daishonyudo Cave that's great during the summer, and the old townscape of Takayama. You can stroll around town and see the Japanese shops, or hop on a bus to experience hot springs and see the landscape.We sincerely hope that your trip in Japan will be filled with all the delightful experiences you have been hoping for.

Chairman of the hotel

Presented by our chairman and very own hot spring sommelierHot spring legends

The hotel chairman is a master hot spring sommelier, and is also a qualified hot spring tourism adviser and hot spring bathing instructor.
At the hotel, the chairman recounts the legends of hot springs to support the health of our guests, and in order that more people get to know Okuhida better.
Participation is free of charge, and no reservation is required.
In principle, it is held from 20:30 every evening on the first floor of the main building, but there are occasional days off.
We look forward to having you with us in Okuhida.

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